Monday 12 August 2019

Metal Catachan Jungle Fighters: Part 2

I painted five more ‘old school’ metal Catachan Jungle Fighters.  As with the previous batch of Catachan miniatures, I used the ‘tiger-stripes’ jungle pattern and the four-colour woodlands camouflage pattern for these miniatures (please see previous post for more details).

Unpainted Catachan Jungle Fighters

Painted Catachan Jungle Fighters Front 

Painted Catachan Jungle Fighters Back

Female Jungle Fighter with grenade launcher: This female Catachan Jungle Fighter was one of four female Imperial Guard sculpts produced in the 1990s; the others are Rocket Girl (Last Chancers), Warrior Woman (Last Chancers) and the 1998 Games Day female commissar (in the early 2000s, a female Gaunt’s Ghost miniature was produced).  I drew my inspiration for painting this miniature from Colonial Marine Private Vasquez; a character in James Cameron’s classic science-fiction film Aliens.

Catachan Jungle Fighters from both part 1 and this post are shown below:

For more Catachan Jungle Fighter images, please visit the Old Guard; a Warhammer 40K miniatures fan site focusing on the metal range of Imperial Guard miniatures from the 1990s.

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