Monday, 7 May 2018

Part 4: Colonel Schaeffer’s Last Chancers (Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard)

 Primed Miniatures

In post 2, I painted Colonel Schaeffer, Warrior Woman (Myri McKyllam), Ox (Big Dog Marvin) and Hero (Comrade Yang); in post 3, I painted Scope (Iceman), Grease Monkey (Heinrich Von Schreiber), Demolition Man (Mustafa Burakgazi) and Shiv (Swiftstrider).  In this post, I will be painting the remaining miniatures from Colonel Schaeffer’s Last Chancers set: Rocket Girl, Fingers, Animal and Brains.  As in my previous posts, I have given these miniatures unique names and backstories, based on the colour patterns I used. 

 Painting Stage 1

 Painting Stage 2

 Painting Stage 3

 Painting Stage 4

Firebug (Rocket Girl): An Imperial Guard heavy weapons specialist with a thirst for blowing things up and setting things ablaze; it was this obsession that gave Firebug her nickname and landed her in the Penal Legion.  While on extended leave with very little to do, Firebug committed a string of arson.  For this crime, she was sentenced to the 13th Penal Legion.  Armed with her rocket launcher, Firebug brings death and destruction to the battlefield, incinerating heretics and their vehicles alike. 

 Completed Miniatures (front) 

Completed Miniatures (back)

Carlos Ramirez (Fingers): A small man with a big mouth; Ramirez‘s big mouth is the reason why he found himself in the 13th Penal Legion. Ramirez is an expert in guerilla warfare, employing swift hit-and-run tactics against his enemies.

Inspiration: The boonie hat on this miniature was reminiscent of the U.S. Special Forces during the Vietnam War.  Thus, the camouflage pattern I selected for Fingers (Ramirez) is based on the ‘tiger strips’ camo pattern used by the U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam.

 Firebug and Carlos Ramirez vs Heretics

Wildman (Animal): Totally insane, Wildman volunteered for the 13th Penal Legion.  Possessing an uncanny talent for staying alive, Wildman enters a ‘berserker’s rage’ in combat, bringing death and carnage to the battlefield.  In this state, Wildman is equally as dangerous to his enemies as he is to his allies.

Inspiration: Animal (Wildman) reminded me of the marauders from the old Mad Max/Road Warrior films.  This miniature seemed a little out of place in an Imperial Guard regiment; this is the reason why I painted the woodlands camo pattern for his pants, emphasizing his role in the military. The red face paint is an outward expression of the rage and volatility of Wildman’s personality.

Wildman and Profession Ito battle Chaos Cultists

Professor Ito (Brains): A brilliant Imperial scientist, Professor Ito was obsessed with enhancing the human body through cybernetics.  Professor Ito became the subject of several of his own experiments (after extensive testing on countless test subjects), where he cybernetically enhanced his own brain and other parts of his body.  Found guilty of conducting unauthorized experiments and possessing heretical technologies, a crime normally carrying the sentence of becoming transformed into an arco-flagellant or being strapped to a penitent engine, Profession Ito, due to his enhanced intellect and augmented body, was spared this fate.  Instead, he was sent to the 13th Penal Legion, where Colonel Schaeffer would make good use of him.

Inspiration: The colour scheme I selected for this miniature is based on the Japanese army uniforms of World War 2.  This inspired me to turn Brains into a mad Japanese scientist; the type of scientist who would unleash a radioactive dinosaur upon Tokyo (Godzilla reference).

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