Friday 30 March 2018

Plantient Miniatures for your Mutant Crawl Classics Games

 Reaper Miniatures 14504: Saporling Warrior (left) and 03243: Swamp Shambler (right)

Goodman Games' Mutant Crawl Classics, created by the legendary Jim Wampler, introduces several new and unique character classes. Among these new classes are the Plantients, walking sentient plants gifted with special plant-like abilities and wondrous mutant powers.

The Plantient class deviated from your typically fantasy/science fiction character classes.  This makes it challenging to find plantient miniatures.  The two miniatures that I found that could represent plantients are from Reaper Minatures:
  • 03242: Swamp Shambler
  • 14504: Saporling Warrior* 

*The Saporling Warrior shown in this post has been converted to include a shield and spear.

If you would like to see more of my Mutant Crawl Classics miniatures, please visit Artifacts of the Ancient Ones: A Mutant Crawl Classics Fan Site.

 Plantients battling Giant Alligator-man (02763: Shend, Alligator-man)

 77499: Gutrags, Stitch Golem

Mecha to the Tabletop: Reaper CAV

Giant Mecha, towering robots operated by brave human pilots, are a large part of our gaming culture. As kids (even now as adults), giant mechas have sparked our imaginations and have inspired us in our current endeavors.

 72212 Emperor

A couple years back Reaper Miniatures, through a successful kickstarter campaign, re-introduced their Combat Assault Vehicle (CAV) line in their hallmark Bones plastic.   By casting their CAV line in plastic, Reaper has reduced the price of these models.  The CAV models are priced between $6 to $7 (US dollars) each, which means you will get high qualities mechs with a minimal amount of strain on your wallet.

72212 Emperor (left) and 72224 Imperator (right)

 72227 Tyrant (left) and 72225 Dictator B (right)

Modelling Tip: Some of the CAV models had their guns bent in odd directions.  This issue can easily be resolved.  Before I start gluing the miniature to its base, I microwave a large mug or small bowl of water (for 2 1/2 minutes).  I place my bones models in the hot water a couple of minutes.  This allows the Bones plastic to become soft; in most cases the model will revert to it's original form (sometimes you may need to hold the model part in place for a few minutes).

 72224 Imperator (left) and 72225 Dictator B (right)

 72212 Emperor

72227 Tyrant

Thursday 29 March 2018

Zombicide Deadeye Walkers: Skeleton Hordes for your Dungeon

The Adventurers battle the first wave of a horde of mindless skeletons

Running into hordes of mindless skeletons are hallmarks of dungeon crawls.  In these situations, the party's cleric shines, with her ability to turn these undead foes.  The fighters step forward, providing a protective shield around the cleric so that she could draw her powers from her deity to work her magic against these foes.

"Lass, put away your bow", the veteran dwarf says to his young henchman.  "I have fought these foes before.  Arrows are ineffective against this enemy.  Draw your warhammer instead."

The defiant dwarf stands ready for the wave of skeletons

If you are playing your dungeon crawl on a tabletop, encounters will a mob skeletons could involve twenty or more skeleton miniatures.  This could cost you a pretty penny (as RPG Gamers there's always a new rule book we want to buy).

An affordable way to field a mob of high quality skeleton miniatures is the Deadeye Walkers box set from Guillotine Games' Zombicide board game.  As with all of the Zombicide products, the Deadeye Walkers are of the highest quality.

I paid around $30 Canadian for my box of Deadeye Walkers.  The box contains 21 skeleton miniatures, in three different sculpts (there are seven of each sculpt).  This works out to roughly $1.50 per figure.

You may notice the box in the background says 20 miniatures.  There were
in fact 21 miniatures included.  This was likely an older version of the box, 
as the box on the Zombicide site lists 21 miniatures.

I glued my painted miniatures on a 30mm base.

If you are a Game Master who wants to quickly get his or her miniatures on the table, with the minimum amount of prep, then these miniatures are ideal for you.  The skeletons are ready to use right out of the box; no assembling or gluing required.  Each of the skeletons sits on a 25mm round base, which makes these miniatures ideal for the 1 inch gridded gaming mat.

Size comparison left to right: well-known miniatures company, deadeye walker,  
deadeye walker glued onto a gaming base, Reaper miniatures. 

The deadeye walkers are of the 32mm scale.  In terms of size and scale, they scale well with Reapers Miniatures line of fantasy miniatures.  However, they may be slightly big in comparisons to other 25/28mm miniature manufacturer ranges.

Reaper Miniatures engage the Deadeye Walkers

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Imperial Hobbies, My FLGS

I would like give a shout out to Imperial Hobbies, my Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS).  Imperial Hobbies is much for than a business, its a community, a place where my gaming group meets every Thursday nights to play our role-playing games.  It is through Imperial Hobbies that I have forged many friendships and met really good people.

The staff are very helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating. Chris, the store manager, is an overall great guy, who goes above-and-beyond to help his customers out.

If your at the store on Thursday nights, drop by to say hi.  I will likely be at one of the gaming tables.

Necromunda and House Goliath

Near the end of November 2017 Games Workshop re-released an updated box set of their classic specialty game, Necromunda.  The box set contained two iconic starter gangs, the Goliath and Escher, two bitter rivals in the deadly Hive world of Necromunda.

Since picking up Necromunda, I have been slowly building and painting the contents of this box set.  In this post I would like to showcase some of the Goliath gangers I painted. 

While I liked the orange colour scheme of Goliath gangers in the rule book, I wanted to give my gangers a unique look.  I choose the colour yellow as their primary colour due to the sharp contrast of this colour against the dark 'grungy' metal colours of the underhive. 

Goliath versus Escher

The Escher depicted in these photos lack a uniform colour scheme found in the Goliath. The reason for this is I have been experimenting with different colour schemes for my Escher, in hopes of finding a uniform colour scheme that stands out.


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