Tuesday 27 March 2018

Reaper Bone Miniatures & Ogre Battles

For those of you, who, like myself, are on a hobby budget, Reaper Miniatures Bones lines are an affordable way to populate your miniature collection.

Back in November (of 2017) Reaper released a trio of Bones Ogres (77456 Ogre Guard, 77455 Ogre Smasher, 77454 Ogre Clubber).  The miniatures cost $3.50 USD (approximately $4.50 in Canadian dollars), which makes them affordable options for building Ogre Units in a Kings of War or Ninth Age army.   You could build a unit of 6 ogres for under $25 USD (including the costs of bases).

Ogre vs Adventurer: the Female Templar is from Reaper Miniatures 
(03746: Ava Justine...).  Her sculpt is reminiscent of GWs Sisters of Battle.

I like to glue my miniatures to bases before I start painting them.  There are a number of companies that produce a larger range of plastic bases.  For these miniatures I used 40mm square base (the ogre base size of KOW and the Ninth Age).  

 I painted these two models (77455: Ogre Smashers) at separate times. 
The ogre on the right was painted in December 2017; the one of the 
left (blue body paint) was painted in March 2018.

The blue body paint is inspired by woad painted 
on the bodies of the ancient Celtic warriors.

  Reaper Miniatures 77456 Ogre Guard

 Again, woad style body paint was used give the Ogre a 
psychological effect in battle.


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