Sunday 17 June 2018

Ork Boyz: Part 2 (Warhammer 40,000)

Blood Jackal Orks 

“No, no, no!!! You Boyz got it WRONG.  It’s pull da pin and THROW da other part.  NOT pull da pin and HOLD ONTO da other part!!!”

Ork Nob teaching his Boyz how to throw grenades

In this post I will be painting four orks from the Ork Boyz box set (please see Part 1 for more details).  In this post I will be discussing why I choose specific colours for the orks and the sources of inspiration I drew upon for this painting project.

 Primed Miniatures

Blood Jackals:  When painting my miniatures, I like to create backstories for the miniatures I paint.  This helps me come up with colour themes for the miniatures and inspires me during the painting process.  The group of orks I am painting are from the Blood Jackal Clan (or ‘Da Blood Jackal Klan’ in Ork-ish); a name reflected by the blood-red warpaint and armour.

Painting Stage 1

Painting Stage 2

 Painting Stage 3

 Painting Stage 4

Brown (not Green) Orks:  I like to add a certain degree of originality to my painted miniatures; therefore, instead of painting the Ork Boyz in the traditional ork-green skin tone, I painted these orks in a dark khaki skin tone.

The Red Devils: During the late Warring States period of feudal Japan, there was a samurai general, Ii Naomasa, whose entire army wore blood-red lacquered armour. The blood-red armour had a powerful psychological effect on the battlefield, earning Ii Naomasa’s warriors the fearsome name ‘The Red Devils’.  Inspired by ‘The Red Devils’, I used red as the dominate colour for the Blood Jackal Orks.

 Completed Miniatures (front)

 Completed Miniatures (back)

Warpaint: The red warpaint is an outward expression of the violent and volatile nature of Ork culture.  The sharp edges of the warpaint symbolizes the cutting edges of blades; the colour red is associated with blood and violence.  Some of the orks have black face paint.  The colour black is associated with death and mourning; thus, emphasizing the brutal and fatalistic nature of ork society.  The red face paint on the ork throwing the grenade is inspired by the stylized face paint found in Japanese Kabuki Theatre.

Boyz vs. Penal Legion

 Boyz vs. Tallarn Desert Raiders

Boyz vs. Col Schaeffer & Penal Legion trooper

 Boyz vs. Tallarn Desert Raiders

 Boyz vs. Tallarn Desert Raiders

In the upcoming posts in this series I will be painting the remaining Ork Boyz from the box set in the Blood Jackals’ colour pattern.

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