Monday 30 April 2018

Mutant Crawl Classics and the Legendary Jim Wampler

I received a pleasant surprise when I came home from work today: my copy of Mutant Crawl Classics had arrived in the mail (I was part of the kickstarter).

 Goodman Games' Return Address Sticker featuring 'retro' dungeon art

Mutant Crawl Classics is designed by legendary RPG writer and podcast personality Jim Wampler.  I first became aware of Mutant Crawl Classics (MCC) by listening to the Spellburn podcast, where Mr. Wampler, a former co-host, would drop hints about a ‘special project’ he was working on for Joseph Goodman; the owner of Goodman Games and the creator of Dungeon Crawl Classics.  My interest in this ‘special project’ grew mainly because of the energy and insight Mr. Wampler brought to the podcast; Mr. Wampler has decades of gaming experience and a wealth of knowledge on ‘old school’ roleplaying games.

 A box inside a box. The rulebook in the second box.

As part of the kickstarter, I received a pdf copy of the MCC rulebook last July.  Inspired by the incredible imagination of Mr. Wampler and the arduous work he put into designing MCC, I found the inspiration for creating Artifacts of the Ancient Ones: A Mutant Crawl Classics Fan Site.  I am currently working on a second iteration of the MCC Character Generators. 

Jim Wampler: In addition to being a former co-host on Spellburn, a podcast dedicated to the Dungeon Crawl Classics game system, Mr. Wampler also co-hosted the Save-or-Die podcast (along with Mike and Liz); a podcast dedicated to Classics Dungeons & Dragons.  As well, Mr. Wampler hosted the Designers & Discourses podcast, which featured interviews with several OSR game designers. 


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