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Zombie Miniatures for your RPG games

Zombicide 'Very Infected People #1' miniatures

A Zombie plague swept through the town of Springfield, turning most of the residents into zombies.  The Simpons, one of the few families not affected by the zombie plague, are fighting for their survival.  A zombie-infected Ned Flanders runs towards Homer Simpson.  Homer aims his shotgun, and fires at ‘Zombie Flanders’.

“Die Flanders!!!”, Homer yells as ‘Zombie-Flanders’ is destroyed by the shotgun blast.

“Dad, you killed Zombie-Flander!”, Lisa exclaims.

“What?  Flander is a zombie???”, a puzzled Homer asks.

From a Simpson episode that I watched years ago.

A sense of excitement comes over players as they watch their Game Master place a 
horde of zombie miniatures on the tabletop for their upcoming encounter.

As a Game Master, if you are looking for well-sculpted zombie miniatures for your upcoming Zombie Apocalypse game, Guillotine Games’ Zombicide miniature expansion packs are a great option for adding a horde of zombie miniatures to your collection without placing too much strain on your wallet.  The miniatures shown in this post are from the “Very Infect People #1” pack, which contains twenty miniatures, with five unique sculpts (there are four miniatures of each sculpt).

The Disturbed Zombie Cook

I paid around $30 Canadian for the “Very Infect People #1” expansion pack, which works out to $1.50 per miniature; a great price for miniature gaming quality miniatures.  The zombies are sculpted in a single piece (i.e. no assembling or gluing required) and are attached to a round 25mm base.

 The zombie nurse with 'bite'

Zombies Miniatures with ‘Character’: Guillotine Games has created a range of high qualities miniatures with a sense of ‘character’ and ‘personality’ (The angry zombie cook, the hotdog zombie, etc.).  These are not your generic flesh-eating zombies miniatures; rather, these are zombie miniatures with an unique look and feel to them.  These are zombie miniatures that will standout on the gaming table.

 Size comparison: Reaper Miniatures (left), unpainted 'hotdog zombie', 
GW Necromunda Escher, painted 'hotdog zombie' (right)

Size comparison: Reaper Miniatures (left), 'zombie cook', 

GW Necromunda Escher, 'zombie nurse' (right)

Miniature Scale: Zombicide miniatures are of the 28/32 mm scale, and scales well on the tabletop with other miniature manufacture lines (see the above photos for size comparisons).  While the zombicide miniatures are attached to round 25mm bases, it is easy to glue a ‘slotta’ base onto the figure to give them some extra height (thus, allowing the bottoms of the feet to be at the same level with the other ‘slotta based’ miniatures).  The Zombicide Deadeye Walker Skeletons, in my April post, have been glued to a 30 mm base.

The 25mm round base as part of the miniatures

Mutant Crawl Classics Radioactive Mutant Zombie: If you are a Mutant Crawl Classics Judge and are looking for some mutant zombies to throw at your Players, please check out my MCC Radioactive Mutant Zombie Generator.


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