Sunday, 8 April 2018

Forlorn Hope Games: Eastern Dwarves for the Tabletop

The Advanced Dungeons and Dragons supplement, Oriental Adventures, gave Dungeon Masters the tools for creating an Eastern themed medieval fantasy world for their Players to explore.  This book introduced several new races and classes, which includes the Korobokuru; an Eastern variation of the Dwarf.  The Korobokuru (also spelled as Koropokuru or Koropokguru) are based on a mythical race of humanoids from Ainu folklore.

Samurai Dwarves (Forlorn Hope Games)

If you are looking to bring some Korobokuru to the tabletop, Forlorn Hope Games produces a line of Samurai Dwarf miniatures.  Forlorn Hope sells their merchandise through their eBay store: a set of 2 Korobokuru costs £7 (around $12.50 Canadian) and a set of 3 costs £9.50 (around $17 Canadian).

Ninja Goblins, also produced by Forlorn Hope Games

If you are a Dungeon Crawl Classics player and are interested in playing the Koroboburu and other humanoids (Tengu and Kitsuni) from Japanese mythology, please check out my DCC Eastern Adventures page. 

 Ronin and Yamabushi 



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