Monday, 2 April 2018

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Rebel Trooper Ally Pack

Rebel Trooper Ally Pack

After watching Star Wars: Rogue One I became inspired to paint some Star Wars (New Hope era) miniatures.  During my next visit to my LFGS (Imperial Hobbies) I picked up a pack of Rebel Troopers from Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Imperial Assault.  The Rebel Trooper Ally Pack contains 3 Rebel Troopers (identical miniatures), plus cards and other accessories related to Imperial Assault board game.

 Size Comparison: GW Chaos Cultist (left), Fantasy Flight Rebel 
Trooper (centre) and GW Necromunda Escher (right)

 I glued a 30mm base to the miniatures and added modelling sand to the base.


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