Sunday 27 January 2019

White Box Eastern Adventures: Sketches Part 3

I am in the process of writing an Old School Revival RPG inspired by Charlie Mason’s White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game.  The working title for my game is ‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’, which will be set in a generic medieval Japanese fantasy setting.  When complete, I will make this game available as a free PDF on Drive Thru RPG, with printed copies sold at cost.

I have started the process of sketching art for this book in late December. Part 1 and Part 2 of this series previews my earlier drawings.  My most recent drawings are included in this post.

The above drawing is of a soldier-type hireling, wearing ashigaru style armour. The drawing below depicts two hirelings, equipped with large backpacks necessary for hauling dungeon loot and treasure.   Both drawings will be used in ‘Chapter 6: Hirelings’. 

Above is my second ninja illustration; I am planning to use this drawing for the Ninja Character Class Section (Chapter 2: Character Classes).

Both the drawing above and the one below depicts Shugenja (magic-users).  The drawing above includes a Koropokuru, showing the height difference between Korpokuru and humans.  These illustrations will either appear in the Shugenja Character Class Section (Chapter 2) or the Shugenja Spells Chapter.

Saturday 19 January 2019

White Box Eastern Adventures: Sketches Part 2

In my previous post, I posted the first batches of drawings for the Eastern themed iteration of Swords and Sorcery’s White Box RPG that I am working on.  I have included some of my more recent drawings in this post.

There will be three demi-human races in ‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’ (the working title for the book): the Kitsune, the Koropokuru and the Tengu.  I am planning to use the below four drawings for the demi-humans chapter (Chapter 3: Demi-humans).


Koropokuru (profile sketch)



The below drawing of the adventurer carrying the lantern will likely appear in the first chapter (Chapter 1: Getting Started).

This is a second profile sketch of the Bushi.  I am planning to use it (along with my previous Bushi sketch) for the class description of the Bushi (Chapter 2: Character Classes).

Female Bushi (warrior)

This is my second drawing of the Sohei; I am planning to use it for the class description of the Sohei in the Character Classes chapter.

 Sohei: Warrior Monk

The specialty tools of the Ninja will appear in the class description for the Ninja (Chapter 2: Character Classes.

Ninja Tools

I am planning to use the below drawing in ‘Chapter 4: Equipment and Services’.

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