Thursday, 3 January 2019

Warlord Games (Bolt Action): Gebirgsjager Squad

I recently painted a 10-man squad set of Warlord Games’ Bolt Action Gebirgsjager infantry.  This set contains 10 unique metal miniatures, and includes the following models:

  • 1 NCO with a sub-machine gun
  • 2-man light-machine gun team
  • 1 Gebirgsjager with a sub-machine gun
  • 6 Gebirgsjager with rifles

The Gebirgsjager were elite mountain infantry, organized into several divisions: both for the Heer and the Waffen-SS.  The most distinguishing feature of the Gebirgsjager is the Edelweiss flower insignia worn on their Bergmutze ski caps and tunic sleeves.  The edelweiss is a flower that grows in high mountain elevations.  

In the Band of Brothers miniseries (Episode 3: Carentan), Private Albert Blithe comes across the body of a dead German paratrooper (Fallschirmjäger) with an edelweiss (actual flower) in his breast pocket.  It is explained to Private Blithe that the edelweiss is a symbol of a warrior, as the German paratrooper would have had to climb high in the mountains to pick the flower.  Later on, when Blithe overcomes his shell-shock in the battle outside of Carentan, he removed the edelweiss from the dead body of a German solider he killed and places the flower in his beast pocket; marking his own transition as a solider in Easy Company.

I am planning to use these miniatures for the WWII Operation Whitebox fan site that I am working on.  

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