Monday 15 April 2019

White Box Eastern Adventures: The Keep on the Savage Frontier (Part 1)

‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’ is complete and available on DriveThru RPG.  The PDF version of the rules are free, and the print-on-demand softcover version of the rules are available for $5 USD.  

I am currently in the process of writing a ‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’ module titled ‘The Keep on the Savage Frontier’, inspired by a classic introductory module with a similar name.  The purpose of this module is to introduce players to ‘Eastern Adventures’ through a sandbox style campaign, which centres around a Keep in the Savage Frontier; the dangerous borderlands between the ‘civilized lands’ and the ‘savage lands’.  

I have started the process of illustrating sketches for this module and have included some of the sketches in this post.  Including are the sketches of five NPCs the characters will encounter at the Keep: The Captain of the Guard, The Keep’s Administrator, Aunty Reiko, Zenji and Kenshi.

The Captain of the Guard: Noboro Hamada is the charismatic and superficial Captain of the Guard.

The Administrator: Lady Naoko Ikuta is the Administrator of the Keep.  While she appears to be a woman in her mid-twenties, the reality is Lady Ikuta is over 300 years old.  Lady Ikuta is a kitsune, who has taken the guise of a human spellcaster. 

‘Aunty’ Reiko is the owner and matriarch of the ‘Lucky Dragon Inn’; the characters’ home while staying at the Keep.

Zenji is the blind shakuhachi (flute) player, who lives at the ‘Lucky Dragon Inn’.  Zenji has an uncanny wealth of information about the Keep and the Savage Frontier.

Kenshi is one of the few honest guards at the Keep.  He is an idealistic young man engaged to ‘Aunty’ Reiko’s daughter, Satomi.

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