Thursday, 14 June 2018

Armageddon Steel Legion: Part 1 (Astra Militarum\Imperial Guard)

1994 marked a major redesign in the look of the Imperial Guard; the generic Rogue Trader era guardsmen were replaced by Imperial Guard regiments themed around the home worlds these regiments were drawn from.  With the introduction of the Armageddon campaign in 1999, a new range of Imperial Guard models, the Armageddon Steel Legion, were introduced.

Steel Legion miniatures 'out of the box': first half of the squad

Steel Legion miniatures 'out of the box': second half of the squad

The design of the Armageddon Steel Legion is inspired by the uniforms worn by British Army in World War 1 and the German Army in World War 2.  For instance, the respirators/gas masks worn by the Steel Legion are reminiscent of the 1916 box-respirator masks used by the British Army in the trenches of World War 1; while the helmets and greatcoats are reminiscent of the uniforms worn by German Army in the Second World War.

Armageddon Steel Legion miniatures are still available through the Games Workshop’s online store (webstore exclusive).  I recently purchased a 10-guardsman squad set of Steel Legion miniatures.  The set costs $50 Canadian, and includes the following metal miniatures:

A sergeant with a laspistol and chainsword

A rocket launcher team (gunner and loader)

A guardsman with a grenade launcher

Six guardsmen with lasguns (unique sculpts)

Steel Legion sergeant and four guardsmen with lasguns

Heavy weapons team (rocket launcher), assault weapon operator & lasguns

Green Stuff: Epoxy putty (‘green stuff’) is an excellent tool for filling in the ‘slotta’ gaps in the bases and for adjusting the positions of the miniatures.  For instance, I used epoxy putty for the legionnaire with the rocket launcher to adjust the angle the miniature was aiming his rocket launcher.

In my upcoming posts in this series I will be painting the Armageddon Steel Legion squad.

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