Friday 19 February 2021

Eberron Campaign: Alistair DeGarmont, Dragonmark Human Fighter (Battle Master)


Alistair DeGaramont, Fighter


I will be starting a new Eberron Dungeon & Dragons campaign on Saturday and have created a character for the campaign.  The character is a human fighter (great weapon fighting style) from a noble background named Alistair DeGarmont.  Since we will be starting the campaign with 3rd Level characters, I selected the Battle Master martial archetype build.  In addition to ‘rolling up’ the character statistics, I have created a backstory and drew some sketches for my character.





Alistair DeGaramont, Fighter

Sketch of Alistair’s armour (splint mail) and uniform




Alistair DeGarmont: Backstory

The third son of a minor noble and a House Cannith crafter, Alistair DeGarmont was born to a life of privilege.  While his oldest brother would go on to inherit the family estate (a humble 18-acre estate with a household staff of a dozen servants) and family business, Alistair was given a choice to either entered the clergy or joined the service.  The life of a cleric did not appeal to Alistair; therefore, he opted to join the service.  Serving as a ‘rear-echelon’ staff officer appealed to Alistair namely due to the fancy uniforms, parades and being away from the ‘dirty trenches’.

Alistair’s childhood was typical of one of a noble birth.  Most of Alistair’s early childhood years were spent in the company of his ‘wet nurse’ and later his nanny.  At the age of 6, Alistair was sent to live in a boarding school, where he was taught to be a gentleman.  Athletes and physical activities were important aspects of a nobleman’s upbringing, and Alistair choose activities that would keep him away from the dirt and the mud.  Thus, Alistair took up fencing, a sport that took place indoors and where clean white uniforms were worn.  While Alistair excelled at the rapier and the dirk, his favorite fencing weapon was the two-handed sword.    

At the age of 18, Alistair attended a prestigious university, where he studied engineering and the sciences (academic studies that would launch his career as an Airship Officer).  Upon completing his Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Magical Sciences degrees at the age of 24, Alistair was commissioned as an Ensign and served aboard the HMS Majestic as a junior navigator.  After three years of mentorship under a senior navigator, Alistair was promoted to a Full Lieutenant and reassigned to the HMS New Dawn as the ship’s Navigator.





Alistair DeGaramont, Fighter

Alistair DeGaramont




Physical Description:   A man of 28 years, Alistair is of average height (5’9”) and possess an athletic build.  Alistair has light grey eyes and a well-groomed head of dark brown hair (with a fashionable set of sideburns).


Flaws:  Alistair has a compulsive tendency for cleanliness and order.  He almost always wears gloves (even when eating his meals) and carries no few than a dozen handkerchief in his pockets.  Much of Alistair’s military pay goes into purchasing uniforms and attire, as he owns duplicates of his military uniforms to ensure that he always has a set of cloths to wear that are in immaculate condition.

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