Tuesday 9 July 2019

White Box Eastern Adventures: NPC townsfolk sketches


Previously, I designed a Non-Player Character (NPC) Adventurer Generator for the ‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’ role-playing system.  For my next ‘Eastern Adventurers’ project, I am planning to design an NPC Townsfolk Generator, which will give Referees the ability to randomly generate lists of NPCs they could use for the villagers/townsfolk their Player Characters (PCs) may encounter on their adventurers.

Farmer (male)

Farmer (female)

Prior to starting the process of coding, I like to start by drawing some sketches of the various NPCs the PCs may encounter in villages and towns.  Included are three illustrations of NPC townsfolk, that will appear on the launch page for the generator.  As well, I have included a fourth illustration, which will be used for ‘The Keep on the Savage Frontier’ adventure module; an upcoming ‘White Box: Eastern Adventurers’ introductory module.

The Main Gates of the Keep.  An illustration for the upcoming ‘Keep on the Savage Frontier’ adventurer module.

‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’ is available as a Free PDF on DriveThru RPG.  There is a print-on-demand softcover version available for $5 USD, for those wanting a physical copy of the book.

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