Friday 19 July 2019

White Box Eastern Adventures Sketches and Upcoming Projects

Included in this post are some of my most recent White Box: Eastern Adventures sketches.  The first three sketches will be used for the launch page of the upcoming NPC Townsfolk Generator.  The remaining sketches are for ‘The Keep on the Savage Frontier’ adventure module and the ‘Red Box: Eastern Adventurers’ role-playing game.



Noblewoman/Lady Naoko Ikuta (The Keep on the Savage Frontier)

I was unhappy with my original illustration of the Keep’s Administration, Lady Ikuta (please see April post).  Thus, I re-drew her.  I am planning to use this sketch for both ‘The Keep on the Savage Frontier’ adventure module and the NPC Townsfolk Generator.

The above sketch will be used as one of the interior illustrations for the ‘Red Box: Eastern Adventures’ rulebook.

‘Red Box: Eastern Adventures’ is an RPG game I am working on that will expands on the rules of ‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’, by adding some more ‘crunch’ (rule mechanics) to the game.  While ‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’ is akin to the original 1974 version of the ‘World’s Most Famous Role-Playing Game’, ‘Red Box: Eastern Adventures’ is based on the subsequent iterations of the ‘World’s Most Famous RPG’ (the late 1970s and early 1980s versions of the game).

Having diversity and inclusion in my illustrations are important to me.  While ‘Eastern Adventures’ is based on medieval Japan, the game exists in a fantasy setting; thus, unlike the historical feudal Japan, people from all ethnic backgrounds exist in the setting of ‘Eastern Adventures’.  I drew the two illustrations below to reflect the diversity of the game world.



‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’ is available as a Free PDF on Drive Thru RPG.  There is a print-on-demand softcover version available for $5 USD, for those wanting a physical copy of the book.

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