Tuesday 30 July 2019

Kit Bashing: Warhammer 40K Beastmen Shock Troopers and Sons of Sek Warriors

Inspired by Dan Abnett’s Gaunt’s Ghost series, I did some ‘kit bashing’ to create some Chaos themed models.  Five of these conversions are Chaos Beastmen; the remaining four are Sons of Sek warriors.

While Dan Abnett does not specifically mention Chaos Beastmen in his series, he does provide some hints of beastmen-like troopers in two of the ‘flashbacks’ (short stories) in Ghostmaker; the second book in the Gaunt’s Ghost series.  In chapter 1 (Ghostmaker; same name as the novel), Gaunt faces ‘grotesque shock troopers of Chaos with horned skulls’ as he escapes from Tanith Magna as the planet is being consumed by Chaos.  In chapter 8 (Blood Oath), when the Ghosts are attacked at night in the farmstead on Nacedon, the attackers are described as having a rank animal scent.  Through these brief descriptions, I envisioned the Ghosts fighting beastmen-like creatures as I was reading these chapters.

The Beastmen shock troopers are primarily made from the Gor sprue.  The lasguns, laspistols and flamer are from the Catachan Jungle Fighter sprue; the chainsword is from the Cadian guardsmen sprue.

Featured later in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series, the Sons of Sek form the personal army of Anakwanar Sek; a powerful Chaos warlord and sorcerer.  Throughout the series, Sek’s soldiers refer to him as ‘He whose voice downs out all others’.  As such, Sek’s symbol is a hand covering one’s mouth; his warriors wear a leather hand over their mouths out of reverence for their Dark Lord.

Previously, I converted and painted six Sons of Sek shock troopers (please see Sons of Sek post for more details).  The four conversions will create a full 10-man Sons of Sek squad.  The miniatures shown here include a Sirdar (roughly equivalent to the guard rank of sergeant), a grenade launcher specialist and two warriors with lasguns.  The ‘hands’ covering the shock troopers’ mouths are from the Catachan sprue.  Components from the Chaos Marauder sprue are used to add the barbaric and brutal feel of the Sanguinary Worlds tribes.

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