Wednesday 12 June 2019

White Box Eastern Adventures: NPC Adventurer Generator

Koropokuru Bushi

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) plays a vital role in ‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’; it is often through the Player Characters (PCs) interactions and encounters with NPCs that plots are reveals, adventuring goals are established, and memorable role-playing experiences are created. The PCs will encounter different types of NPCs through the course of adventuring; some NPCs will be simple peasants, while others will be seasoned adventurers, like the PCs themselves.  Thus, I created the NPC Adventurer Generator as a tool that will give Referees the ability to quickly generate batches of NPC Adventurers to keep on-hand when situations arise when the statistics and descriptions of NPCs are needed for the adventure.

There are four character classes in ‘White Box: Eastern Adventurers’, which parallels the four core classes of the early versions of the ‘World’s Most Famous Role-Playing System’.  The classes are: the Bushi (fighter), the Sohei (cleric), the Ninja (thief) and the Shugenja (magic-user).  Each class has their own unique set of abilities; thus, there are unique character sheets for each of the classes.

Bushi Character Sheet

Ninja Character Sheet

Shugenja Character Sheet

Sohei Character Sheet

A total of 8 drop-down menus are available for customizing the randomly generated NPCs to fit the needs of the campaign.

‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’ is available as a Free PDF on DriveThru RPG.  There is a print-on-demand softcover version available for $5 USD, for those wanting a physical copy of the book.

Tasaka Games is my humble one-person tabletop role-playing game publishing company.

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