Saturday 1 December 2018

Kobolds Ate My Baby! Sketches part 3

Here are my most recent ‘Kobold Ate My Baby!’ sketches for the upcoming Kobolds’ fan site I am working on.  ‘Kobold Ate My Baby!’ (KAMB for short) is designed by Chris O’Neill and Dan Landis from 9th Level Games; the artwork for the rulebook is illustrated by the talented John Kovalic.  As I touched on in my previous posts, it is important that my kobolds are recognizable as part of the KAMB universe (paying tribute to Mr. Kovalic's artwork), while not being copies of Mr. Kovac’s kobolds (having their own distinct look).  

The kobold below is a re-drawing of the kobold holding stolen woman’s undergarments featured in my last post.  I drew a Hobbes’ (Calvin & Hobbes) style grin on this kobold’s face; I felt this grin gave the kobold a mischievous and guilty look. 

The kobold above is a new iteration of the ‘Kobold Magic-User’ from my previous post.  I based the style of this kobold on the Black Robed Mage from the original 8-bit Final Fantasy NES game.

Chickens are featured throughout the KAMB rulebook; they are both the prey and the adversaries to the kobolds.

This illustration shows a pair of kobolds trapping an unsuspecting chicken.

For the next post in this series I am planning to create some Adobe Illustrator graphics based on this series of sketches.


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