Saturday 24 November 2018

Kobolds Ate My Baby! Sketches Part 2

In my previous post, I showcased conceptual sketches for an upcoming RPG fan website I am designing dedicated to 9th Level Games’ Kobolds Ate My Baby!  Drawing these sketches are a way of helping me find the look for my KAMB kobolds; that is, I want my kobolds to be a tribute to John Kovalic’s amazing artwork (KAMB’s legendary artist), while having their own unique style. 

The sketch below shows a kobold in motion, running towards something appealing (possibly a potential meal).

This is my attempt at drawing a ‘kobold magic-user’.  The look of this kobold is reminiscent of the old 8-bit Final Fantasy Black Mage.

A mischievous looking kobold holding stolen lady’s underwear.  I am thinking of redrawing this kobold with a Hobbes’ style grin (Calvin & Hobbes) in my next iteration of sketches.

Kobolds are up to all sorts of trouble in KAMB; this often results in their premature deaths at the hands of angry humans, vicious dogs, etc.  The sketch above shows a kobold mourning the death of his friend.

Above is a profile sketch of a female kobold (having female kobold representation in the upcoming KAMB fan site is important for me).   I will be adding a new batch of sketches for my next blog post in this series.

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