Monday 19 November 2018

Kobolds Ate My Baby! Sketches Part 1

Two years ago, I created the Random Kobold Generator Page, a fan site for 9th Level Games’ Kobolds Ate My Baby!, consisting of random kobold character generators for the game.  For one of my upcoming website projects, I am planning of creating a new Kobolds fan site.  While I have used painted miniatures for the art of my previous site, I plan on using my own drawings for the upcoming site.

The art in ‘Kobolds Ate My Baby!’ has been created by the legendary artist John Kovalic.  It is important that my illustrations are not copies of Mr. Kovalic’s art.  Thus, I wanted to create my own distinct style for the kobolds, while paying homage to Mr. Kovalic’s artwork and fitting into the world of ‘Kobolds Ate My Baby!’.

Right now, I am in the sketching stages of the kobolds; putting together rough sketches to figure out the look and feel for the kobolds.

Below is my first sketch.  I extended the kobold’s body, giving the kobold a more grow up look.  While this kobold did have a distinct look from the original artwork, I decided for the next sketch to give the kobold more of a squat body.

The kobold holding the wooden spoon is my second sketch.  I made his head larger in proportion to his body and gave the body slightly more of a squat appearance.  As well, I added more fur to the kobold’s head.

Having representation is important for my art.  Thus, I wanted to have illustrations of female kobolds for the upcoming site.  Thus, the above sketch is my first attempt at drawing a female kobold.

The sketch below is inspired by the “Bouncy Kobold” illustration on page 29 of Kobolds Ate My Baby! In Colour!

The sketch of the kobold with the stuff mouth is my most recent (at the time of writing this post) sketch.  It’s also my favourite sketch so far.

In the next post in this series I will be posting more sketches.  One area that I am thinking of changing for the kobolds is adding an extra toe on their feet; thus, matching the number of digits on their paws.


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