Thursday 15 November 2018

The Savage Worlds Campaign: Laughing Men & Johnny's Miniature

In our third campaign session (November 8) we encountered the ‘Laughing Men’ (these are not the actual names of the creatures; only descriptions of the creatures were provided).  The ‘Laughing Men’ are described as humans with mouths too large for their heads: mouths that produce an insane and continuous laughter.

The sketches I drew were inspired by Peter Jackson’s Gollum (played by the legendary Andy Serkis).  These sketches depict the ‘Laughing Men’ has having over-sized eyes (much like Jackson’s Gollum), which, I felt, adds a level of insanity to the creatures.

The sketch below shows the aftermath of a combat encounter my character, Johnny ‘Newt’ Becker, had with one of these creatures.  Johnny, wielding a shovel (improvised weapon), delivered his TMNT Bojutsu (staff martial arts) killing blow by severing the top two-thirds of the Laughing Man’s head.

I also had the opportunity to paint/model a miniature for my character.  The miniature I selected is from Wargame Factory’s Germanic range; I added some ‘green stuff’ to the miniature’s head to represent the mustard coloured bandana Johnny’s wears. Since Johnny is a huge Kung Fu/martial arts movie fan, I wanted to give Johnny the Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon look (I have never seen this film myself; however, the images from this film shows a shirtless Bruce Lee fighting with black pants).

Bruce Lee's 'Enter the Dragon' inspired look


I felt the Wargame Factory miniatures are a good fit for Johnny ‘Newt’ Becker as these miniatures are of the 25mm scale and stand a head shorter than the other popular 28 mm miniatures ranges.  Johnny, after all, is a small guy; standing 5’3” and weighing 110 lbs.


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