Thursday 30 July 2020

The Hero’s Journey: Art & Graphics

I am in the process of building an Old School Revival (OSR) fan site, titled Humble Beginnings and Bold Adventures, dedicated to James M. Spahn’s The Hero’s Journey: Fantasy Roleplaying (second edition).  Using a digital pen and drawing tablet, I created illustrations and graphics for the website. These include illustrations of brave heroes (a human knight and a dwarf warrior) battling vile monsters (an ogre and goblins).  As well, I created a heraldic design (logo) specific for Humble Beginnings and Bold Adventures.


The Heraldry for Humble Beginnings & Bold Adventures


Heraldry.  The Heraldry for Humble Beginnings & Bold Adventures was adapted from the heraldry designs I created for Sorcery & Mighty Deeds and the Fantastic Adventures & the Disgruntled Gong Farmer Companion Site; two fantasy RPG websites I designed in the recent past.  Essentially, I combined the two heraldic designs, and selected a new colour pattern, giving the heraldry a distinctive look.


The Knight and the Goblin Minion

The Knight.  The knight was the first illustration I created specifically for this site.  I liked the blue and white colour pattern of the knight, which inspired the look of the heraldry and overall colour scheme for the site.


Dwarf Warrior

The Mighty Ogre versus the Burglar


The Mighty Ogre versus the Dwarf Warrior


The Mighty Ogre.  For one of the illustrations, I wanted a powerful foe to battle the adventurers.  Thus, I illustrated the ogre, a monstrous enemy towering over the adventurers.  To emphasis the might of the ogre, I drew the ogre clutching a halfling with a single hand. The goblin mount was added to show the alliance between the goblins and ogres in this battle.


Humble Beginnings & Bold Adventures.  I am planning to launch Humble Beginnings & Bold Adventures in the next few days (early August).  As with my other OSR fan sites, Humble Beginnings & Bold Adventures will be an ongoing ‘work-in-progress’, whereby I will be continually adding new materials and resources to the site.

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