Tuesday 28 July 2020

MCC Zero Level Character Generator: Version 4

Every Mutant Crawl Classics Adventurer starts out from a humble beginning. Adventurers are not born as heroes; rather, they start life out as everyday ordinary folk (or as ordinary as one can be in a world filled with mutants, talking animals and sentient plants), who undergo a Rite of Passage as part of their coming of age initiation. In this initiation, the would-be adventurers will leave their tribe, their home since their birth, and venture into a strange new world searching for strange and wondrous artifacts from the Ancient Ones: an ancient and advanced civilization who dominated the world countless millennia ago. Most will perish on this journey; the fortunate few who survive to return to their home tribes bearing the artifacts of the ancients, will undergo major transformations granting them special powers and abilities, allowing them to become first level characters.


MCC Zero-Level Generator Version 4 Screenshot


Back in 2017, with the launch of Artifacts of the Ancient Ones, a fan-site dedicated to Goodman Games’ Mutant Crawl Classics (MCC), the first iterated of the MCC zero-level character generator was created.  This iteration featured a character sheet containing two randomly generated zero-level characters.  In early 2018, I created a second iteration (version 2) of the MCC zero-level character generator featuring four randomly generated characters per sheet.  The third iteration of MCC zero-level character generator was created later that year, featuring a pencil and paper hand-drawn character sheet.  I just finished the newest iteration (version 4) of the MCC zero-level character generator, building upon the previous character generators, featuring additional options allowing for greater customization of the randomly generated zero-level characters.  The character sheet for this iteration was designed using a digital pen and drawing tablet, emulating the hand-drawn style of the previous zero-level character sheet (version 3).


Zero-Level Character Sheet Version 4


MCC Zero-Level Character Sheet.  The Zero-Level Character Generator randomly generates four zero-level characters per sheet.  Players typically use multiple zero-level characters for the Rites of Passage; the deadly adventure at the start of the campaign, where zero-level characters will put their skills and lucky to the test to see if they have what it takes to become first level adventurers.


Screenshot of a Randomly Generated Character Sheet


Single Zero-Level Character Sheet

Artifacts of the Ancient Ones is a fan created website, dedicated to the Mutant Crawl Classics role-playing system.  Created by the talented Jim Wampler, Mutant Crawl Classics tailors the ‘old school’ game mechanics of Dungeon Crawl Classics to a far future post apocalypse game world, filled with mutants, artifacts, and lost technologies.

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