Thursday 10 October 2019

Warhammer 40K Tallarn Desert Raiders: Part 5

Devoted worshipers of the God-Emperor, the Tallarn Desert Raiders are highly skilled in desert warfare and mobile guerrilla tactics. On the battlefield, Tallarn Desert Raiders are evasive and opportunist, delivering swift hit-and-run attacks on their unsuspecting foes.

Tallarn Desert Raiders (front)

Tallarn Desert Raiders (back) 

Autocannon Heavy Weapons Team (left side)

Autocannon Heavy Weapons Team (right side)

I finished painting a group of Tallarn Desert Raiders, which includes an Autocannon Heavy Weapons Team and three Desert Raiders with lasguns.  I used the same tri-colour desert camouflage pattern as I used for the Lascannon Team in the previous post.

The metal Tallarn Desert Raiders were first introduced in 1994, when Citadel Miniatures transitioned from the generic Rogue Trader era Imperial Guardsmen to Imperial Guard regiments themed around the home worlds these regiments were drawn from.   The Tallarn Desert Raiders were sculpted by the legendary GW sculptor Michael Perry; the heavy weapon platforms were sculpted by Norman Swales.

For more images of these miniatures, please visit the Tallarn Desert Raiders section of the Old Guard; a website dedicated to Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40K miniatures, with a focus on the classic range of Imperial Guard models from the 1990s.

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