Friday 15 May 2020

Dungeon Crawl Classics Dwarf Character Generator: Version 2

Dwarves are small, stocky folk, who hail from great underground kingdoms deep within the earth. Dwarves are fierce and skilled fighters, capable of performing mighty feats of arms in combat. A dwarf loves both battle and treasure; in fact, it is said a dwarf’s love for coins and gems are so great that they can simply ‘smell’ the presence of gold a hundred feet away.

DCC Dwarf Character Sheet


A new iteration of the Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) Dwarf Character Generator (version 2) has been created and is available on the following two DCC fan sites: Dwarves, Warriors and Mighty Deeds and the Fantastic Adventures & the Disgruntled Gong Farmer Companion Website.  This iteration of the DCC Dwarf character generator allows for greater options for character customization through the use of dropdown menus and input fields.


Dwarf Character Generator Input Fields


Dwarves, Warriors and Mighty Deeds is dedicated to Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics role-playing system.  Dungeon Crawl Classics is a modern role-playing game that captures the ‘old school’ feel of the early iterations (1970s) of the ‘World’s Most Famous Role-Playing Game’.


Fantastic Adventures and the Disgruntled Gong Farmer Companion Website is a site dedicated to the third-party Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventure module of the same name and contains the following three adventures: The King’s Challenge, Kobolds Stole My Cat! and the Gong Farmer’s Revenge.  This module is available for free (as a PDF) through DriveThru RPG.

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