Friday 17 September 2021

Dungeon Crawl Classics Elf Character Generator: Version 4



Dungeon Crawl Classics Elf Generator

Elves are magical demi-humans, whose lives span several centuries. Elves have an affinity for nature and are skilled in both martial and magical arts. Thus, it is a common sight to see an Elf wielding a blade or bow in combat, while using a spell book to cast magic. While Elves possess many natural gifts, their one true weakness is their vulnerability to iron; prolonged exposure to iron will create a burning sensation, causing injury to the Elf.






Dungeon Crawl Classics Elf Generator

Greenleaf DCC Elf Character Sheet (Version 4)




The latest iteration (version 4) of the Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) Elf Character Generator has launched and is available on Greenleaf Adventures.  This iteration builds on the DCC Elf Character Generator Version 3 and the Empire of the East Character Generators, while combining the random name generation functionality of the RPG Character Name Generator.






Dungeon Crawl Classics Elf Generator

DCC Elf Character Generator (Version 4) Screenshot





Greenleaf Adventures

Greenleaf Adventures: A Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventure Series is the companion website for Greenleaf Adventures, a third-party compatible series of Dungeon Crawl Classic adventure modules.

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