Wednesday 26 August 2020

Reaper Miniatures & Wizkids 28mm Miniatures: Part 1


I finished painting a mixed collection of 28mm fantasy miniatures from Reaper Miniatures (Reaper Bones and Dark Heaven Legends lines) and Wizkids Unpainted Miniatures.  Reaper Bones and Wizkids Unpainted provides affordable options for ‘giant sized’ monsters; thus, being ideal for hobbyists on a budget.  The most expensive miniature from this group is the Fomorian, costing $20 Canadian.  The Pathfinder Dragon and the Large Water Elemental are priced at $17 USD and $5 USD on Reaper Miniatures’ website.  These painted miniatures will be used for the upcoming miniature galleries for Sorcery & Mighty Deeds and Humble Beginnings & Bold Adventures; two Old School Revival (OSR) fan sites recently launched.



Wizkids’ Unpainted Fomorian (front)



Wizkids’ Unpainted Fomorian (back)


Fomorian.  I like to paint my miniatures in colour patterns that differ from the typical colours used for these models.  Thus, while the picture on the Fomorian package depicts a grey skinned Fomorian, I used a dark blue skin tone; a skin tone inspired by illustrations of Ogre Magi and Oni (Japanese demons).



Reaper Miniatures Bones 77584 Large Air Elemental (front)


Reaper Miniatures Bones 77584 Large Air Elemental (back)


Reaper Miniatures Bones 89001 Pathfinder Red Dragon (front)


Reaper Miniatures Bones 89001 Pathfinder Red Dragon (back)


Pathfinder Red Dragon.  Like the Fomorian, I decided to paint the Pathfinder Red Dragon in an alternative colour pattern.  In the world of D&D, which Pathfinder is built on, Red Dragons are the largest of the five chromatic dragons.  The size of this model itself appears to represent a small to mid-size dragon; thus, I felt the Green Dragon, which sits in the middle of the five chromatic dragons, best represents this model.


Reaper Dark Heaven Legends 03297 DHL Classics: Female Rogues (front)


Reaper Dark Heaven Legends 03297 DHL Classics: Female Rogues (back)


Dark Heaven Legends: Female Rogues.  The DHL Female Rogues were sold in a blister package of three figures and represent miniatures from the early (1990s) years of Reaper Miniatures. Thus, these sculpts are noticeable smaller than the more recent Dark Heavens Legends scuplts.  The female rogues will be used to represent members of the Thieves’ Guide for the DCC Lankhmar (Sorcery & Mighty Deeds) galleries.



Sorcery and Might Deeds is a Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar fan site, inspired by and created for the gaming community.  DCC Lankhmar is based on the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser adventures, created by the legendary American writer Friz Leiber, the father of the Sword and Sorcery genre.



Humble Beginnings & Bold Adventures is an Old School Revival (OSR) Fan Site dedicated to James M. Spahn’s The Hero’s Journey (second edition).  The Hero’s Journey is a ‘rules-light’ OSR system built on the mechanics of Swords & Wizardry: White Box and designed to capture feel of the classic tales of fantasy adventure.

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